The Scarf & How To Style Them 

The scarf and how to style them
The scarf has come a long way with origins dating back to ancient Egypt and Rome to the now stylish accessory we all love. We’ll look at its history and some tips on styling them.

A Brief History 

Looking back to its origins all the way back in Ancient Egypt, the first recorded scarf was used by Queen Nefertiti who was said to have worn a ‘tightly woven scarf topped with a conical headdress’ dated back in 1350 BC. Under the Chinese rule of Emperor Cheng, scarves made of cloth were used by the military as a mark for ranking. Years on, Croatia applied the scarf as well in their military with higher ranking soldiers wearing silk scarves while the lower ranking wore cotton. 

For most part of history the scarf was subjected to use as a sweat cloth or to keep clean mostly worn by males and only until the 19th century has scarves become popular as a fashion accessory. Fashion designers saw an opportunity to capitalise on the fabrics and designs came out of regions such as India. 

In 1837, Hermès designed the first ready-to-wear graphic scarf and that same year European and American fashion houses embraced scarves after Queen Victoria sat on her throne and popularised gorgeous silk cravats with stunning graphic prints. Class ranking was established by designs and fabrics and served to signify fashion sense. The birth of the modern scarf had taken place. 

The Scarf & How To Style Them  1
A Hermès ad in a magazine featuring their printed silk scarf amongst other products.
The Scarf & How To Style Them  2
 Audrey Hepburn appears on the cover of Life magazine in 1956 with an Hermès Carrè scarf.

Style Star 

There’s no accessory that’s as versatile as the scarf. With a range of shapes and fabrics and different ways to wear it, you’ll never get bored with styling a scarf. 

The Head Scarf 

The Scarf & How To Style Them  3

How to style it: A large square scarf is ideal for this look. Fold your scarf into a triangle by grabbing the two opposite corners. Next, drape it over your head with the long edge of the triangle being flat across your forehead. Take the two ends back to the nape of your neck and tie them together with a knot so that the ends fall gently down your back. 

The Neck Wrap

The Scarf & How To Style Them  4

How to style it: This look is perfect both inside a well tailored jacket or out. Take a large square scarf and fold into a triangle. Take the two opposite ends and drape over your chest and cross them back to the front. Place a scarf ring through the ends and pull up to where your collar bone is situated.

The Hair Accessory 

The Scarf & How To Style Them  5

How to style it: Any sized scarf will do such as a twilly but if you’re working with a square fold the scarf until you have a long narrow piece. Simple place the scarf under you hair and make a knot on the top. 

The Statement Piece

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The Scarf & How To Style Them  7

How to style it: For a dynamic twist on a monochromatic ensemble, try folding an oversized printed scarf in half horizontally and draping it diagonally over your shoulder and finish it by wrapping a skinny belt around your waist to help keep the look in place. Can be layered with a tailored blazer over the scarf, letting the front end poke out from underneath.

The Necklace 

The Scarf & How To Style Them  8

How to style it: A bandeaux makes a statement draped once or twice over your neck and tied in the front. Stunning with a suit of dress.

The Belt 

The Scarf & How To Style Them  9

How to style it: A long, rectangular or skinny is best for this look. Tie the scarf around your waist or gently thread it through your pants belt loops. Leave the ends untied to add a relaxed yet polished finish to casual looks. 

The Bracelet 

The Scarf & How To Style Them  10

How to style it: A neck bow or twilly is ideal but any small scarf will make a stunning scarf bracelet. Start with a long, skinny rectangle and with both ends, wrap the scarf around the top of your wrist so that both ends are equal in length. Next, take one end and wrap it once around your wrist. Repeat using the other end going in the opposite direction. Secure it with a knot and voilà! 

The Top 

The Scarf & How To Style Them  11

How to style it: For a quick-and-easy option, take a large square scarf and fold it in half diagonally. Wrap the long end of the scarf around your chest and secure it in back with a knot. 

The Bag Strap 

The Scarf & How To Style Them  12

How to style it: With a twilly, wind your scarf evenly around the handle or tying it around just one end of the strap and let the fabric hang down for a finishing touch. This adds a dramatic look but it also protects your bag handles that adds another function to your beloved scarf.

With so many options to style your scarves, these are just a few of The Lux Portal’s favourites. Have a look at our online store and see for your next favourite luxury accessory.

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