1. What is the Lux Portal? 

The Lux Portal is a website that connects buyers and sellers of authenticated luxury goods.

  1. How do we work?

The Lux Portal authenticates sellers’ item(s) and recommends the most suited price based on numerous criterion.  Once in agreement, The Lux Portal uploads the item(s) to the website and markets it via omnichannel platforms until sold.  The seller receives payment via EFT 7 days later.

  1. Who are we? 

The Lux Portal is a passion project that is a female-owned tech start-up with service orientation that is easy, accessible, trustworthy and reliable. The Lux Portal is customer-focused and ensures excellent interactive engagement with all stakeholders

  1. Where are you situated?

The Lux Portal headquarters is in Cape Town and operates nation-wide.  The Lux Portal is the digital destination of sustainable style solutions and does not operate in a brick and mortar space.

  1. Are all products authentic?

The Lux Portal’s brand promise is that authenticity is guaranteed or your money back.

  1. What are luxury goods?

Luxury goods pertains to high fashion items from brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes,  Chanel, Prada (see full brand list here www.theluxportal.com/product-category/brands/ ) The Lux Portal’s range encompasses bags, shoes, clothes and accessories.

  1. Why shop at The Lux Portal?

The Lux Portal represents authenticated luxury brands and provided trusted and secure methods of purchase.  The Lux Portal’s vision is to empower shoppers by creating a safe space for exchange in the circular luxury fashion sphere.  The Lux Portal experiences are in the finer details and aims at the epicentre of pleasure when procuring thus purchasing is a treasure trove of delight not only for one’s pocket but also to the expansion of one’s personal portfolio of luxurious assets.

  1. How do I shop?

Type in www.theluxportal.com in your browser and search through our carefully curated catalogue of luxury goods.  When  you  find  the  piece(s)  that  you  connect  with,  simply  add it to your basket and check it out by choosing your preferred payment option.  You will receive a confirmation of purchase and your piece(s) will be couriered to you. 

  1. How does the item(s) get shipped to me?

All the items are shipped through our reliable logistics partner and once shipped, you will receive a confirmation email inclusive of a tracking number.  

  1. Does The Lux Portal buy luxury goods?

No, The Lux Portal does not purchase luxury goods from sellers.  The Lux Portal operates on a consignment model.

  1. What is consignment?

The consignment process entails providing your authentic luxury item(s) to The Lux Portal to safe-keep until sold.  This allows for The Lux Portal to take professional photographs for uploading on the website, social media and for on-ground sales initiatives such as Pop-ups.  This forms part of marketing the items to a loyal network of interested buyers.

  1. What does the consignment process entail? 

The Lux Portal collects your authentic luxury good(s) should you wish to not deliver.  On collection/delivery, you will be given a “Goods Received” document to sign that details the item(s) for exchange.  Once in the care of The Lux Portal, the item(s) are authenticated, researched, investigated and evaluated.  Should it be authentic, The Lux Portal suggests a resell value that is presented to you for approval.  Once in agreement, a formal consignment document is sent to you and upon receipt of your signature – the item(s) are processed for marketing until sold.  The consignment period allows the item(s) to be in the care of The Lux Portal for a minimum of 3 months.  You receive payment after the buyer has confirmed that they are happy with their purchase within 7 days of purchasing it.

  1. Why consign with The Lux Portal?

There is always time for a closet clean-out and if you haven’t worn or used an item in the last decade, it’s now vintage and if you haven’t worn it in the last year, you are most likely not going to use it next year either.  The Lux Portal encourages you to clean out your closet and allow for space to welcome in new pieces.  Make this procedure feasible by letting your no-longer-needed goods pay for new pieces by selling it online through consignment.  By doing so, you are enabling a range from The Lux Portal to be a possible new part of your existing pieces.  Most luxury items are able to hold its value and therefore is a simplified re-sell.  The Lux Portal’s minimum standard is high-end, luxurious, exclusive, sort-after, highly collectable, designer bags, shoes clothing and accessories. If you believe that your item(s) meets these specifications of The Lux Portal offering, we invite you to contact us to explore the viability of consignment on the platform to be part of the circular economy.

  1. How to consign with The Lux Portal

Send an email to info@theluxportal.com with a description of the item(s), date of purchase, proof of purchase, authentication card and picture thereof.  The Lux Portal will respond within 48 hours.

  1. What is the commission structure?

The Lux Portal’s commission structure is as follows:

40% for items under R3000 

30% for items that are R3 000 and up to R30 000 

20% for items that are R30 000 and up to R100 000 

15% for items that are over R100 000 

  1. How do I receive payment for my sold item(s)?

You will receive payment via EFT after the buyer has confirmed that they are happy with their purchase within 7 days of purchasing it.

  1. What are the payment methods available when purchasing online?

As a sustainable business with a carbon neutral footprint, The Lux Portal provides sustainable and convenient options of purchase via the following options:  EFT, PayPal, PayFast, Mobicred, Layaway, Credit card and/or Debit card.