The Lux Portal is an online portal where the confluence of style, authenticity, opulence, craftsmanship and the finest in the world merge to offer you the fine things in life.

Whether you are a discerning collector seeking to add to your collection with that missing piece or a first time buyer looking to acquire a genuine pre loved high end item, The Lux Portal is your genesis.

The Lux Portal is an extension of our offering and expertise as master traders and purveyors in pre loved, high end genuine luxury designer goods and accessories, online.

We wear the gear, shop and swap, trade and exchange, saw the gap and identified the opportunity to evolve by way of creating this platform. Our objective is to offer the most luxurious marketplace for buyers and sellers alike to interact and trade within our framework of guidance, knowledge and expertise.

Another benefit of our all-encompassing platform is the offering of very unique sought after, collectable items that may not currently be available in the market or in season. We focus on representing all top designers bringing the best of world exclusive fashion gurus, designers and creatives in fashion and accessories into 1 space, offering you choice.

At The Lux Portal, we also offer a “sell on consignment” service that allows you to sell your luxury goods on our online boutique.

Buying and Selling

Our minimum standard is high end, luxurious, exclusive, sort after, highly collectable, designer clothing, accessories, jewellery, antiques and artwork incorporating items such as shoes, bags, belts, gowns, paintings, sculptures, jewellery, watches, collectables, heirlooms, hats, sunglasses among others. If you believe it meets the criteria and specification of our offering, we invite you to contact us to explore the viability of offering any item on our platform.

Items which are mass produced, fake, counterfeit or without proof of ownership will definitely not be considered.

We sell

  1. Items sourced globally from our network.
  2. Products on behalf of traders who utilise our platform.
  3. Products on consignment for owners.

You are warmly welcomed to, a decadent and luxurious online emporium, purveying the world’s finest luxury designer new or pre-loved fashion apparel and accessories.